Winter training on snow and ice in Luleå

Here you can test both your boundaries and the car on a solid surface. You drive on a lake and the only thing that can happen is getting stuck in the snowdrift. Training here provides optimal conditions for handling unforeseen events on a winter road.

The day ends with a lot of training on a plowed track that offers many challenges.

We drive on Ebbenjarka only 15 minutes by car from the hotel, Clarion Sense in Luleå.

We start the training in the evening with a shared dinner and the next day we continue with theory and driving. The day ends with home travel at approximately 16:00.

See the full invite: Invitation to BMW Driving Experience winter 2021.

We run during the period 18 January to 5 February 2021, not on Saturdays and Sundays.

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“Fun to drive / train on ice. Fantastic environment that lifts the whole experience.”

“Feeling of happiness! Snow, drifting, roaring engines, inspiring instructors.”

“This should everyone do! SO fun and useful.”

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